The detection of a massive harmful algal bloom in the Arctic prompts real-time advisories to western Alaskan communities

Algal bloom, Arctic Ocean, Climate Change, Harmful Algal Blooms, Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning
Bering Strait region, Alaska, Arctic waters, Chukchi Sea, Bering Sea
2024-07-11 | 4 pts

Enhancing live football broadcasts by eliminating camera operator distractions with AI

Algorithm, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Sports Broadcasting, Object Detection
2024-07-11 | 6 pts

Targeted home systems to remove PFAS more cost-effective than system-wide solutions

PFAS, water contamination, public health, environmental pollution, research study
United States, New Hampshire, Maine
2024-07-11 | 9 pts

Air pollution harms pollinators more than pests, study finds

2024-07-11 | 7 pts

Mapping the world's fungi from air samples

Fungi, DNA sequencing, biodiversity, climate change, nature research
2024-07-11 | 5 pts

Hydrogen flight looks ready for take-off with new advances

Hydrogen fuel, aviation, climate change
Sweden, Nordics
2024-07-11 | 16 pts

Scientists call for 'major initiative' to study whether geoengineering should be used on glaciers

climate change, geoengineering, glaciers, sea-level rise, ice sheets
2024-07-11 | 16 pts

Lion with nine lives breaks record with longest swim in predator-infested waters

Lions, Wildlife, Conservation, Resilience
Uganda, Africa
2024-07-11 | 22 pts

New study provides enhanced understanding of tropical atmospheric waves

Atmospheric science, weather forecasting, Kelvin waves, climate modeling, meteorology
Atlantic Ocean, tropical regions, World
2024-07-11 | 16 pts

Wolves' return has had only small impact on deer populations in NE Washington

wolves, deer, wildlife, conservation, ecology
United States, Washington State
2024-07-11 | 3 pts

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