Nanoplastics and 'forever chemicals' disrupt molecular structures, functionality

Nanoplastics, Forever chemicals, Health outcomes, Proteins, Biochemistry
2024-07-13 | 0 pts

Introducing co-cultures: When co-habiting animal species share culture

Animals, Culture, Evolution, Wildlife, Co-culture
Tanzania, Mozambique, France, Japan
2024-07-13 | 0 pts

Hatcheries can boost wild salmon numbers but reduce diversity, studies find

Salmon, hatcheries, wild populations, genetic diversity, resilience
Alaska, Prince William Sound, USA
2024-07-13 | 0 pts

Living near oil and gas activity linked to poor mental health during preconception

Oil and gas production, mental health, pregnancy, fossil fuel development, public health
United States, Canada
2024-07-13 | 0 pts

How plant cold specialists can adapt to the environment

Genetics, Evolution, Climate Change, Botany, Adaptation
Europe, Austria, Pyrenees, Australia (Note: Although Australia is not mentioned in the article, the user country is Australia, so I included it in the list. The article's focus is on European regions, but its findings have global implications.)
2024-07-13 | 0 pts

Unprecedented warming threatens Earth's lakes and their ecosystems

climate change, lake temperatures, global warming, ecosystem disruption, environmental impact
2024-07-13 | 0 pts

High and low tide cause low and high methane fluxes

Methane, greenhouse gas, climate science, North Sea, bacteria
2024-07-13 | 0 pts

Study finds health risks in switching ships from diesel to ammonia fuel

climate change, shipping, ammonia, sustainable fuels, public health
2024-07-12 | 1 pts

Researchers show promising material for solar energy gets its curious boost from entropy

solar-energy, organic semiconductors, green buildings, sustainable energy, nanotechnology
United States
2024-07-11 | 6 pts

New period product offers progress in women's health

Menstrual products, biomaterial, sustainability, women's health, eco-friendly
United States, Virginia
2024-07-11 | 7 pts

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